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It's been a while

Hi again, everyone! Let me stop for a second to tell you that I am seriously lacking in the BLOG-O-SPHERE here. I have been very focused on other parts of my life, family being one of the most important. However I would like to say that I am one of the luckiest photographer in the world. My clients are always so amazing to work with. That's true of my session with the Jess back in June!

I met up with Jess for an impromptu photo shoot at 42 Fringe. Last time Jess had been in the studio together, it had been longer than a year and we had been trying to line a time up since the winter.

It is crazy to think back, but I have had the pleasure of photographing Jess for the last 3 years. She has grown up to be such a beautiful and kind person and she looks absolutely stunning. I think what I enjoyed most about this session is how each look has a different feel and vibe to them. From the beautiful wrapped white look, the hard light look, to the natural light...she looks great in everything.

Again I go back to being one of the luckiest photographer that I have had the pleasure to work with Jess over the years. I am lucky to have met her! Our session highlights are below!

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