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Be Bold, Be Radiant ... Open House

Have you ever wanted to just step out of your comfort zone, you know, do something that you didn't think you could ever do or just haven't thought you could do?

This past Saturday I did just that, along with some ladies I am sure felt the same way. I had thought about doing an Open House for the longest time, but it scared me a little ... Would people like it? What if they didn't? Was my work good enough? All of these thoughts had been drumming up for a good year.

It was when I walked in to The Pink Poodle and met Maureen, she was such a bright spot to my day and just a great person to chat with. After having a few conversations with her, I brought up the idea of an Open House and asked her thoughts on it ... could it work? She was all over the idea and that's when I knew, you know what, let's do it.

So it was time to step out of my comfort zone and start planning an event for complete strangers, in hopes that it would be enjoyed by all. I wanted it to be a fun day, I wanted to offer something no one around the Ottawa Valley had done - here I am, a male photographer planing an event at a lingerie shop all for women - so yes a little out of that comfort zone.

Fast forward to the day, and OH MY GOD, what a turn out !!!!!! So many beautiful, stunning and amazing women, all wanting to take part in the mini make-over and photo shoot! We had some ladies waiting 2hrs just to get there chance and every single one of them enjoyed it. Here are a few things some of the ladies had to say.



Had a great time and came home feeling beautiful <3 You guys were all really awesome! Thanks Again!


Had such a great experience today. Thank you so much pink poodle and Bold And Radiant for hosting it! Another shout out to Erin Dittburner for doing a great job with make-up! Really enjoyed it and can't wait to see my photo!


Had a blast! Loved the swag bag, the makeup, hair, photo shoot and all the beautiful pieces that pink poodle carries. You all did a great job on this open house!


And I can't forget about all the ladies who helped me see this idea come to light.

- Maureen, the owner of The Pink Poodle who was so awesome for letting me put this crazy idea together and use her store.

-Erin, of Erin Dittburner Mobile Makeup Artist, one of the incredible MUA who I had only worked with once so far, but was all over being part of it, and did so great!

-Taylor, of Taylor Cameron: Mobile Hair Stylist, and beautiful young lady who was able to keep up with the madness of getting 21 ladies hair on point!

-Cassandra, of Cassandra Jones Makeup Artist, who I have worked with multiple times and is still able to impress me each time with her work.

So to end this long winded post, I want to go back to that comfort zone bit ... after such an incredible time, it just goes to show you that stepping out of that "comfort zone" can lead to some wonderful experiences.

!!! Now make sure you check these stunning women out !!!

And as always, Be bold, be radiant or whisper to yourself ... I'm beautiful.


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