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Hello 2017 ... Let's do this!

Well, it's done everyone...2016 is finally over. Go ahead, take that deep breath and let it out, you've made it!

Now, let's do this! 2017 is here and ready to go, and we are too. This year is looking to be a great year for Bold and Radiant and to start it off we are bringing back our "Build Your Own Session" again.

What does this mean, well now YOU get to pick exactly the type of session you want, from how long it will be, to if you just want hair, makeup or both all the way down to the images you'd like to print. Just scroll down a little further for more details.

We truly feel that everyone should have a chance to experience what a session is like with Bold and Radiant, and why boudoir can be so empowering and make you feel amazing!

So what are you waiting for, contact us today to get your 2017 off to an amazing start!

As always thanks for your amazing support and...

Be bold, be radiant...or whisper to yourself, I'm beautiful

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