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Water Beauty Sessions ... Get your best dress ready!

It is hot out there ... And we have the perfect excuse for you to cool down.

These past few weeks have been an absolute pleasure for us here at Bold and Radiant, as we have had many women come by and take part in our #waterbeauty sessions. They have been especially exciting, as we have had women who would never had thought of having a professional photo shoot done of them selves ( do to self esteem issues, body issues etc.) and have walked away feeling empowered, beautiful and amazed that they look so fantastic.

And you know what, that's exactly what we want, we want you to feel fantastic when you finish up with your photo shoot, we want to share those images with you as we do your session and we want to hear you say "That's me... WOW, I look hot!"

These sessions are all about the beauty in all women, no matter the age, or height, or size. Every women is beautiful, every women should feel beautiful and every women deserves to have beautiful images!

So whats included with these sessions you ask, well first we have had the wonderful and amazing local shop Crazy Beautiful Dress's supply us with an assortment of lovely gowns that, if you do not have a dress yourself you'd like to use, you can pick one from our collection.

Now that we have the dress picked, it is now onto our fantastic make up artists, who have become absolute pros at water proofing the incredible job they do with the make up (that parts my fault...i mean your head does go under water!)

Alright, you got your dress on, makeup done and water proof, now its time to cool down! Pre warning...the water is a little cold, so lets give you some time to acclimate. Now onto a 1hr photo shoot that's all about you! Don't worry about how to pose and such...that's my job :)

Now that your photo shoot is done, time to warm back up and take a quick look at some of the shots from your session, not not all of them, we want that to be the big surprise when you come back for your private viewing!

So...what are you waiting for, why not pamper yourself, its ok to be selfish once and a while. And remember, be bold, be radiant, or just whisper to yourself...I'm beautiful

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