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where will my session take place?​

Most of our shoots happen in studio where we have over 1000 sq/ft of dedicated areas for your choice of style, located in Pembroke, Ontario. We do also travel, so if you’re interested in a session in another city, feel free to contact us for details.

i’m feeling very nervous. is this normal?​

trust us, everyone is a bit nervous before the shoot. but after 15 minutes,  you’ll find your groove and feel like a star.

would you recommend hair and makeup? is it included?​

Absolutely! this will help you feel like a movie star and a million bucks during your shoot. we work with a very talented makeup artist and she knows exactly how to make you look your best for your session. it’s not mandatory, but we definitely recommend it and have a promotional rate when it’s booked through us.


do you provide lingerie or do i bring my own?

We do not provide attire that is considered underwear (bra, panties and the like). As we feel each individual has there own likes and dislike as to what they feel looks best on them. We do however provide you with a selection of add on accessories. We have a full list of pre-session questions to help you find what to bring.


how long have you been doing this?
we have been shooting boudoir since 2009.


do you retouch the images?

At Bold and Radiant Photography we feel you’re gorgeous just the way you are! but yes we do retouch the images. so if you wake up with a pimple on the day of the shoot, we’ll take care of it for you. and we’ll help with skin imperfections while still making you look like you.

i have no clue how to pose or what looks good. will you help me?

That's what we do! we will give you direction from start to finish to help you look your very best. all you need to do is have fun and be your awesome self!


i’m not in perfect shape and I’m self conscious about my belly. can i do a shoot if i don’t look like a super model?

anyone (read that again, anyone!!) can do a boudoir shoot. we have worked with women who are 20 and a size 0, women who are 50 and a size 18. we’ve had couples who are in their 40′s, women in their 60′s. boudoir sessions are for all shapes, sizes and ages because everyone is beautiful and everyone has that sexy hiding inside of them.​


i’m not sure how much skin i want to show. how does that work?

it’s completely up to you and is dependent on your comfort level. we start the shoot fairly clothed and work towards less clothing. we can use hands to hide body parts for implied nudity or you can do topless nudes if you’d like too. we will never push you, this decision is completely yours.

do my images have to go online?

only if you give us permission. privacy is very important to us, so if you want to keep the images for your eyes only, not another living soul will see them. if you want to give us permission, we’d LOVE to share them so other women/couples can get an idea of what a session looks like. we’d be ever so thankful if you’ll let us share some images, but this decision is completely up to you.

​do you shoot couples’ sessions?

we sure do! (click here to see) and we highly recommend it. a couples’ boudoir session is a great experience to share together (and looking through the photos together after will be even more exciting).


do you offer boudoir parties? can i book with a group of my girlfriends?

we do and they’re awesome! they’re the perfect way to start your bachelorette party, celebrate your birthday or spend a fun day with your friends. custom quoted by the amount attending (the more that come, the more you save), so contact us for more details.​

this is a gift for my someone special. when should i schedule my session?

we suggest 2-3 months before you need the images, especially if you would like an album. but sometimes we’re able to accommodate a very last minute session, so don’t hesitate to contact us even if you need the images back right away.



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