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When like minds create together...

Hello!!!! It has been a while since I jotted a few things down here, mostly it has to do with being very busy and not getting a moment to sit and put down some thoughts and I have wanted to talk about one of the struggles I have found being a full time photographer for a while.

Now being in a small town is definitely not an excuse to go after your dreams and aspirations. My dream was to become a full time photographer and just a little over 2 years ago, thats exactly what I did. I had a pretty good carrier in retail for more then 15yrs but had to decide, do I want to just do photography as a hobby and stick with retail? I soon realized that if I wanted to push my work and myself even further I had to make a choice. And well that choice was made fairly easy in the short of things.

So ya, the struggle ... kind of got off topic there. The struggle for me was never about being able to shoot, or finding great clients (who have all been AMAZING). It wasn't even about running the business, thankfully with all my years of retail I did retain a little of that information. NO, it came down to consistency... that's right, CONSISTENCY. And not in the way you may be thinking. What I am talking about is the look my clients wanted and have the same person available to give them that look.

What I was finding living in a small town, was someone who did just that full time as well. I have meet and work with some great Hair and Makeup artist over the past few years but I could never get the same one all the time. Everyone had their "Full time" job. But then some crazy stars aligned and I was able to get the ever fantastic Cassandra Jones of Cassandra Jones Studios. This is where the whole "when like minds create together" comes in.

Cassandra is an amazing person, full of energy and positivity. She works hard and always willing to give a hand. She, like me is an entrepreneur. A small business owner wanting to grow and succeed. It is with Cassandra that I found that CONSISTENCY.


Story Time:

One of the first sessions Cassandra did with me (although I say it was another time) was for a lovely boudoir client.

I had reached out to Cassandra to see if she was available to do makeup for this session out of the blue. And every time we talk about this Cass always like to bring up that she was coming to a strangers house, in there basement to do makeup...when she says it like that, it does sound a little sketchy, but if she hadn't have come for that session, our creative minds would never have come together.


Cassandra has been my go to M.U.A for the last 2 years and I am so thankful to have met her and be able to share this dream of creating. She has a mind that thinks like me when we get started on a shoot, or even when my crazy brain comes up with something, she immediately gets what I am looking for with very little to go by, I mean it is funny when I say to her, "I want drama, here is the outfit" - and she creates exactly what I want and is CONSISTENT.

WOW ... that was a lot to say. Anyway this little write up was really an excuse to share more of Cassandra photoshoot from back when it was cold outside. Now head to her website and book yourself a little Make over or get your nails done. You won't be disappointed.

Be sure to click here to see even more from here session!

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