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So much fun the last time... So let's do it again!

Last year we thought we would do something different, what came out of this thought was themed sessions, the first one that came to mind was water and what can we do with water, and from there the Wet Sessions were born!

We had a blast photographing our wet sessions, held at Bold and Radiant. It was a small event with roughly 13 participants.

Everyone had such a great time and showed up with lots of energy and enthusiasm. Most couldn't believe that they were actually going to get wet! But once we got much fun had!

We were super happy that people wanted to be part of something different. It's not every day that you get to have pictures taken, while the water is pouring and it makes for some very cool images that you can enjoy for years to come.

So with all that said, we are at it again, starting today for a limited time, you can book your wet session.

So why not try something new, and different. Book today!

As always, Be Bold, Be Radiant, Our whisper to yourself... I'm Beautiful!

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