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Cue the sultry music for this post, gang!

Today I'm featuring Caeley, a stunning, gorgeous and breathtaking woman I had the pleasure of photographing December 7th at Ottawa Valley Studios. This boudoir session was particularly special, as she wanted to do something special for her husband...and herself!

As you can see, Caeley is incredibly beautiful, but looks aren't the only thing she's got going on. She's also a brand new mommy!

Even though she was a little nervous before our shoot (who wouldn't be?), Caeley was able to relax pretty quickly and we got some gorgeous shots.

She brought this slim fitted black dress as well as different outfits for the session and each looked amazing on her.

Since we had such an amazing shoot, I asked Caeley to share a little bit of her experience with us. Here's what she had to say:

Oh man, I can't say enough about how amazing my experience was! The hair and make- up ladies made me feel so glamorous and Ryan and his assistant made me feel like a super model! I have never done a boudoir shoot and/or anything like it so I was quite nervous but once you get there and your hair and make-up is done and you start hearing the click from the camera the nerves settle. Ryan does his job so well and so professionally. I would do this every day if I could, it's such a confidence booster. Ryan gives such great direction that you can't help but love the process and look forward to seeing your photos..

Today Caeley came by for her viewing and she was so over the moon with her images.... that she booked another session...ssshhh, don't tell her husband.

Caeley will be taking part in our January special and I can't wait to share with you what comes next from this stunning women!

No more talking – let's get to the pictures!


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