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She's nervous.... You'd never know it!

Tara had her session with us back at the starting of the month. One of the first things she told me when she came by to start her session, "I'm so nervous" . She had felt super nervous and nauseous all day. This believe it or not, is more normal then you might think. So common in fact, that if you go to our F.A.Q page, it's the second topic we cover!

So why do we get nervous ?

Here are few reasons, you may get nervous though.

1. Your concerned about what to wear, or did you bring the right outfits?

Guess what, we help with that from the moment you book your consult, to the day of your shoot...So don't worry about it.

2. You might feel like you have no idea how to pose?

It's not your job to worry about that, is it? Nope, that's our job, we need to guide you and help you pose for the best possible picture.

3.You may be saying to yourself, I’m not in perfect shape and I’m self conscious about my body?

Anyone (read that again, anyone!!) can do a boudoir shoot. we have worked with women who are 20 and a size 0, women who are 50 and a size 18. we’ve had couples who are in their 40′s, women in their 60′s. boudoir sessions are for all shapes, sizes and ages because everyone is beautiful and everyone has that sexy hiding inside of them. And again, who's job do you think it is to make you look great! Ours :)

Now that's not a very long list, but covers points I feel are the most important and well, the most common. So just remember, being nervous is very normal, and happens to everyone... In fact if you didn't have a little bit of nervousness about the shoot, well, I might just get nervous!

Here are a few images from Tara's "very nervous" shoot.

After a very nervous shoot, here is what Tara had to say about her time with us!

"I have just done my boudoir and reveal session and I must say that I am more than happy with everything from the moment I stepped into the studio. Ryan Schmidt is by far the best photographer I have ever seen. He captured moments in pictures that I could only have dreamed of having of myself. I felt sexy and beautiful like I've never felt before. I am beyond pleased with his services!!!! I will definitely be back for more!! I highly recommend him to all the women I know! Get out there ladies and have the experience of a lifetime with Bold and Radiant!!! Sincerest thanks to Ryan and his beautiful wife for giving me memories that will last a lifetime!!"


As always, Be Bold, Be Radiant, Our whisper to yourself... I'm Beautiful!

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