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In with the new ... Out with the old

It came out of now where... But we like it and we hope you do to!

We have been asking our clients, friends and visitors what they liked about our site, and what they didn't like.

What came out of that, was the images, that's what everyone wanted to see, so we took that and put it front and center! What better way to show our work then to have these beautiful images of the women we have had the pleasure to shoot.

So we worked on cleaning it up and making it easier for not only desktop viewing, but revamped the whole mobile site interface. There is very little scrolling needed to go around and almost all of it fits right on your screen! Best part, you can call us right from the site with the click of a button! How easy is that.

Oh, did I mention we have something even cooler coming soon!

Stay tuned for more on that.

And as always, Be bold, be radiant, or just whisper to yourself... I'm beautiful.

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