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10 years in the making ... Well kind of

Have you ever found a spot that you absolutely loved? You look at it and think about the beauty of it and that you just want to take a picture of it, but what you see in your mind isn't what comes out in your camera?

I came across such a spot not long after I meet my wife, a little place not far from her parents house. The first time I spotted it I fell in love with it, the natural beauty of it, how the light hit the forest floor and the light beams sneaking through the trees, it was perfect. Mother nature at one of her finest moments. So what do I do... I take out the good old Cannon G2 (Yes I did use to shoot Cannon) take a few snaps, get back home look at them on the monitor and am completely disappointed with them, it was NOT what i saw (this was a few years before I turned to photography full time).

So I promised myself that I would get some images that showed what I saw, and do it justice.

10 years later, enter Anyia from Primal Forged and Raven Blaze. I approached Anyia with this idea I had about an earthy type shoot and if she wanted to come along for the ride. I can tell you, this shoot would not have looked the same if it was not for Anyia's hard work. She took the brief description of what i was looking for and ran hard with it and created the wonderful head pieces you see in these images, along with all the attire Raven is wearing.

This is my second time having the pleasure of working with Anyia, and I like it. She has a very unique skill that you don't see very often and definitely not in smaller towns. Her Primal Forged line is amazing and for sale here Primal Forged Attire.

This is my first shoot with Raven Blaze, we had been trying to plan a shoot together for several months but nothing could pan out the right way, and I can tell you, I don't think anyone else could have fit this project any better then what Raven gave me. Just look at how well she fits into her surroundings and how she just looks at one with what she has on.

Great job ladies, and thank you so much for taking part in such a fun project.

And as always... Be Bold, Be Radiant. Or just whisper to yourself... I'm beautiful.

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