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New Session Spot Light! ... Bridal Boudoir

One of the great things about this time of year / season is all the weddings! Brides take all this time to find a dress, find the flowers, book the just goes on and on... doesn't it!

I remember all the time and effort my wife put into our wedding and the hardest part for me, was not getting involved (in the way more like it) :) I think the only choice I helped make was the cake... that was a big deal to me.

So all these lovely Bride to be's get all of this together for such a special day and work so hard to make it perfect, and with a good luck, find a photographer who will capture there day as they see it, as we know it flies by quick!

So when we get a chance to shoot a bridal boudoir, it just makes us smile :-) as the bride has found that amazing gift she wants to share with her future husband, and we love being part of that.

That is exactly what this lovely Bride wanted, something special to give to her new husband. Completely out of her comfort zone, she took the bull by the horns and gave us so much to work with, from going outside onto our roof, to sitting in the window with passer by's maybe lifting their heads up as they walked by and catching a glimpse of her touchy! (I think there may have been a few). But she had so much fun with it, and you can see it in her images.

So for me, it was great to get a text msg from her the day after her wedding to tell me how much her Husband loved the photos, and loved our work, always a highlight!

Enough of my blabbing, here is what you really came for, to have a look see. Head over to our gallery to see more.

And don't forget to book your Bridal Boudoir today! Click Here To Book Now

As always, Be Bold, Be Radiant. Or just whisper to yourself... I'm beautiful.

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