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What A Mess!... But in a good way:-)

I may be a sucker for making very large mess's. The last few months we have done the wet sessions, that I'm pretty sure may have damaged my floors, plus playing with some dirt, and now glitter!!! I mean that stuff gets everywhere and into everything!

But you know what... I LOVE IT! I'm like a little kid when it come to making a big mess. Getting my hands dirty and just plain out having fun!

A few weeks ago Ashley wanted to do something with glitter, and asked me if it's something I do, and as you can see, I said YES! We set out on coming up with some ideas and what we wanted the sessions to be about. So this week Ashley came to the studio with glitter in hand (my self with some back up) and so began our day with glitter:-)

Now, from a technical stand point, glitter is not that easy to photograph, it's small and reflective so lighting it can be a bit of a pain, but we came up with a great setup that worked and really played well with not only the glitter, but made Ashley look fabulous!!

And now, we want you to look fabulous and have fun with some glitter too! As its time now to announce our next mini sessions, can you guess what it is???

As always, Be Bold, Be Radiant. Or just whisper to yourself... I'm beautiful.

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