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Bridal Boudoir... Why you should!

Bold and Radiant

With us just finishing up with a Bridal Boudoir this past week, I thought this would be a great time to have a little talk about why it's such a great idea for all the lovely bride to be's!

Many new brides struggle with finding that perfect wedding day gift to give to their husband to be. And rightly so, I mean men are hard to buy for, they can be picky! What do you get him, a nice engraved flask? Maybe a personalized pocket knife? nope! I know... a beer cozy, right!!!

There are many options out there for you to choose, but you know what might be the best one of all, that no one else can give him and will be one of the most memorable gifts you can give him... YOU! What husband would not want absolute gorgeous photos of his new blushing bride that will have him going back to look at for years.

Picture this for a moment, you have this little black book that's all nicely wrapped up and maybe you have your bridesmaid sneak the present to him just before the ceremony!!! WOW right ? Or how about after the ceremony, after all the family photos are done and you have just those few moments before you enter the hall and are announced as husband and wife, and you give him this beautiful album with images of his stunning wife, just imagine what emotions you will see on his face (I'm sure it will light up).

Bold and Radiant

Bridal boudoir is a great way to tell your husband that you love him and show him how much he means to you in the most intimate and special way, no other gift could top that!

With wedding season just getting into full swing, don't stress about what to get him, Bold and Radiant has the answer! Bridal Boudoir

Contact us now at to learn more about our Bridal Boudoir special. And get him the gift he will never forget:-)

As always, Be Bold, Be Radiant... or whisper to yourself, I'm Beautiful.


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