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Wait is that a TANK... Yes, yes it is

This past week an opportunity arouse for me to fill in for a local photographer who was unable to do a shoot. Thanks to @exquisitely chic (you remember her right!) she mentioned my name and BAM! There i was ready to help out.

I knew this shoot was going to be fun as it was a themed shoot (one of my fav to do). As you can see it was Military themed with some pretty awesome pieces to the outfit, made by Primal Forged and Extension of Aniya.

Casey Woodside was my model for the evening and that was exciting, as the last time I had the chance to work with her was about 2 1/2 yrs ago for a calendar project that I had offered my services too. I think we spent the day messaging back and forth over the weather as it really needed to be an outdoor shoot (my studio won't fit a tank). It had been raining hard all day so I was getting a little worried that it was going to turn into an in studio shoot.

5pm came along and wouldn't you know it, a break in the weather! So time to get packed and get the car loaded.

By the time we got to the location it was just spiting and I had the umbrella's, and an umbrella helper (thank you Aniya!!!) Casey was all gung ho on getting these shots! I mean heck I was excited, here I was with this wonderful model, in the rain beside a TANK!!!! I say to myself, "this is crazy and we are going to get some amazing shots"

Casey toughed it out, got wet, cold and ogled at by some of the men! ----> side note, I always find it funny how guys want to be my "assistant" when I do shoots like this:-) <---- So the great thing is that 40min into the shoot (and Casey getting wet. lol ) I knew we had got "the shot". So we packed everything up and headed out.

I got home and started to look at the session and had to stop and tell my self to go to bed or else I would have stayed up all night working on them, and that was hard because I'm pretty sure my head didnt turn off the whole time I was trying to sleep, I just kept getting ideas in my head with how I was going to edit them.

Well here they are, some of the final results of a 40 min session with Rain, Cold and a Tank!

Model: Casey Woodside Photographer: Ryan Schmidt Studio: Bold and Radiant

Pembroke, Ontario

MUA: Cassandra Jones of Exquisitely Chic Hair: Ashley May of Hair Affairs by Ashley Outfit: Primal Forged and Extensions of Aniya

As always, Be Bold, Be Radiant... or whisper to yourself, I'm Beautiful.

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