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You may not know her... But you will

My face may not be familiar to you yet but I hope one day it will be.

I work with Ryan doing makeup for his clients when it's requested. When Ryan asked me to write up this post he wanted me to tell him (and you) why I do what I do.

It's not necessary for me to tell you that I love makeup, and I'm creative at heart - that's a given. I do need to explain the feeling I have when I do makeup.

Take last Saturday for an example. I started with an already gorgeous woman; perfect dark skin, beautiful eyes, and a bone structure to kill for. As with most boudoir clients she was nervous and doesn't often (read: never) get her makeup done. Both her and Ryan gave me creative freedom but as I explained what I was doing she seemed hesitant - especially when my deep plum lipstick came out.

"My sister tried dark lips the other day and it just doesn't work on us."

"Just trust me." I told her.

How could she though? She's known me for an hour, and even after showing her photos of other work I'd done similarly she still seemed on the fence. Not to mention these photo shoots require a confidence that is hard to muster.

Then, after taking a couple shots Ryan showed her a photo and she beamed! Once she knew she was smokin' she loosened up, she felt more confident, she felt sexy and beautiful. You could see her change.

"The makeup looks awesome!" She cried.

That is why I do what I do. When a woman thinks she looks beautiful she's confident, but when she knows she looks beautiful she becomes Bold and Radiant.

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A big thank you to Cassandra for doing this guest post!

As always, Be Bold, Be Radiant... or whisper to yourself, I'm Beautiful.

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