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Water Works!!!! Pembroke Boudoir, Petawawa Boudoir, Boudoir Photography

Over the past few days we've been "knee deep" (pun intended :-) with our newest project. Over the next month we will be working on our WET project and are super excited about it. Sure the studio will need to have a mop and bucket on standby 24/7, but I think it is going to be worth it. This all came to play with the warm weather we have been having and watching the snow and ice melt away! Light Bulb!!! We started to plan what type of shoot we were going to provide and bingo everything started to come together.

Here are a few shoots of what's to come.

During the project we will be offering mini sessions at an amazing price, if you want in on the wetness! Contact us here:

As always, be bold, be radiant... or whisper to yourself, I'm beautiful.

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