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For those on the Fence...

Bold and Radiant Photography

Boudoir photography has had a lot of media play in the last year as it is beginning to have a big resurgence. It seems that it has a been doing this for the last 30 yrs, but in different ways.

In the 80's it was all about GLAMOUR, big hair, big shoulder pads, big boas. In the 90's it was more the HEROINE CHICK, ya know grim and grimy. In the early 00's it took a bit of a back seat. But now we are seeing some very beautiful and timeless images made of all the beautiful women who participate in these types of shoots.

Just take a look at this video that CBS has produced, it gives a really nice look at what we as photographers do and how you ladies make it so enjoyable.

And as always, Be Bold... Be Radiant... Or just whisper to yourself... I'm Beautiful:-)


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