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Store front Studio?

Store front Studio vs At Home Studio.

You know it’s a funny thing, as a photographer you are always looking at what’s best for your business, what are the trends and what are the benefits. One of those trends / benefits that a lot of people focus on is having a Store front Studio, you know the ones that are in a downtown area or a bustling suburb.

Bold and Radiant

Now I would love to have a studio that is in such a spot, but you know what, I absolutely enjoying having our studio right here in our home J Sure it might not have an old building feel to it, or huge windows that are 12ft tall, but what it does have is a sense of us! You know when you come in for a consult that our studio is our home, My 3 children love to say hi to each and every client that comes in (one of my little girls has a thing for no pants on, I blame the Lego Movie for that), they enjoy introducing them selves and having little chats with them. Now with that said, we only do shoots during the week day when they are away at school, because even though we love having the studio at home, I don’t want our clients to feel uncomfortable either, trust me there is nothing less sexy then 3 little kids running and stomping around upstairs while you are having your photos done!

So why do we keep our studio “In House”. Well the short answer is for “YOU” our clients. With our studio being in house we can offer you more for less, now if other photog’s are reading this, you know what I mean. It means our overhead is less (no rent to pay, no extra electricity bill ect.) And this allows us to be smarter about what we charge.

For example if we had a Store front Studio we would need to charge our clients 3x what we charge now for a basic session, so that $150 x 3… that’s $450 for just a 1/2hr shoot! Now lets up that to one of our higher session fees, $800 x 3… that’s a whopping $2400!!! Sure there are people out there that can afford that but lets be real, not everybody can, and we believe that all women should have the opportunity to have a professional boudoir shoot done, even if it’s just once.

So, if your coming by for a consult, know that there will most likely be 1 or 3 little ones saying hi to you as you enter the door!

And remember, Be Bold, Be Radiant… Or just whisper to yourself, I’m beautiful!

Bold and Radiant Photography

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