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Women are Beautiful

Todays photo shoot was a great example of why boudoir photography can make a women feel empowered and beautiful. We setup our consult at the beginning of the week to have her booked in time to get her photos back for Valentine’s Day. She was very shy and nervous during the consult. As she got her Hair and Makeup done by 2 lovely ladies (one of whom I had shot a boudoir before) she was still nervous about what we were about to do, I mean here she is all dolled up and going to be taking half her clothes of in front of a camera.

As with all of our shoots, I start of with a very much-clothed individual. (Nothing like telling someone to take a shirt off with out getting them comfortable). As I started the shoot you could see her start to relax more and next thing you know, she’s got half of her clothes on the floor and ready for anything!

The shyness was gone, you know why… She felt beautiful, she felt empowered! Here was an absolute beauty of a women ready for anything, and because she was able to relax and we got the nervousness out of the way, we were able to get some of the most amazing shoots of her that I know, and she knows, her man will cherish and love forever.

So yes women are beautiful, and every woman should have the opportunity to have a boudoir shoot or glam shoot done, even just for them.

Bold and Radiant
Bold and Radiant
Bold and Radiant
Bold and Radiant

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