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Casting Call!

We are currently looking for a female model to work on an advertising shoot in Pembroke ON. It is a paid shoot. There may be a need for nudity* The shoot is to be seductive compelling and driven towards an erotic outline. To know there will be a requirement for the female and male model to be embraced or male model covering with his body, private areas of her body to enhance the seductiveness and passion that the two share to promote our line. Lastly we will require her detailed bra size (34C) and waste/skirt size and not sure if she has her own heels but we can provide some if need be and if so her shoe size. We have a light selection in our possession so if we don't have the proper sizes we may have to create or cancel the shoot till a later time. The model herself is preferable to be thin/athletic due to the group we are looking to sell to

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