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Break out the Chewbacca fan in you!

We have been away from here for a little bit, as sometimes life just gets busy and well, lets face it... 3 little kids can eat up a lot of your time, am I right!

Today I have a very special boudoir blog post for you. It is from a few months back but i just had to share as it features Miss K and Chewbacca! Miss K is a stunning, dazzling and super nerdy woman who was an absolute pleasure to photograph. As you can see, she is very easy to photograph.

We met at Ottawa Valley Studios for her session. Her hair and makeup were done by Catharine who did a brilliant job. Oh and how awesome is that green hair!

Once Miss K was finished getting pampered and perfected, we began the shoot. She brought 3 changes of clothing for the session and I loved them all. But the best part ok maybe 2 parts... 1. She had roller derby gear and 2. She brought a Chewbacca!!!! How cool is that.

We talked beforehand, and decided to go for a cute, nerdy look. I definitely think we were able to capture that!

Without further adieu, the roller derby Chewbacca session! Miss K!

As always, be bold, be radiant, or whisper to yourself....I'm beautiful.

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